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Kent Pearl RO

Offer Price : ₹ 19500 ₹17500

Kent Pearl Ro

Kent present a Kent Pearl Ro. This is new and developed Ro product. Kent Pearl have  Auto – flushing facility .Kent Pearl Ro have double purification (RO+UV/UF) facility and smart design . Kent Pearl have Save Water Technology.

4 Years Free Service

Kent give  us 4 year free service ,with 1 year Warranty + 3 year free service.

Mineral Ro Technology

Kent Pearl have a mineral Ro technology, Mineral Technology is Retains a natural mineral using TDS controller in Purified water. Mineral Ro Technology give a tasty and safe drinking water.

Double Purification Technology

In Kent Pearl have Double purification technology. This technology work With RO +UV/UF. Ro, UV and UF dissolved the germs of water and dust , make 100% pure water.

Smart  Design

Kent Pearl has Wall Mountable and Table Top Design . Kent Pearl is comes with a transparent purified water Storage Tank and tank can be Removed easily.



Suitable for Purification of Brackish/ Tap water / Municipal Corporation Water

Purification Capacity


Up to 20 LPH*



On the Wall / Counter-Top


380 (L ) x 330 (W) x 465


Filter Cartridges

Sediment,  Carbon Block Filter , UF & Post Carbon

Auto – Flushing System



UV Lamp  Wattage

11 watt





Storage Capacity


8 L

Purification Production Rate

Up to 20/ hr or 0.33 L /  mim


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